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Interior Inspiration

Creating the look and feel you want in your Home doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. If you're daunted by the idea of doing your own interior design, are nervous about colour and pattern, have a room to work with or are simply looking for fresh new ideas.

We are here to provide a little helpful advice and inspiration.

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Getting the right Sofa  

In most cases, a sofa will be the biggest piece of furniture in your main living space. So it's important that any statement it makes is appropriate for the room it will sit in and the mood you're trying to create. Both the design of your sofa's body shape and your choice of fabric coverings will affect this.

Curved sofa and chair styles with scroll arms tend to look more traditional and homely - especially in neutral or floral patterns. But these can take on a whole new life when covered in vibrant colours or patterns. A bright colour can make a room look more playful and younger, or a more refined pattern can make the same room look more formal and elegant. These styles tend to work best in period homes with original features.

On the other hand, sofas with cleaner and straighter lines and more square arms tend to look more contemporary. Simpler fabrics and leathers tend to work best in more modern living rooms.


Adding bold colours for impact and drama

These days, more and more people are enjoying life beyond the 'neutrals-zone'. Give your room the wow factor, decorating with bright colours and patterns could be the answer. In fact, with opulent colours, sumptuous materials and beautiful new fabric patterns to choose from now could be the time to really indulge yourself.  Perhaps a safer bet would be a colourful fun Swivel or Occasional chair in the corner.

Be brave and create a statement piece with your sofa or chair fabric and coordinate the rest of the room around it. If this seems too scary, introduce splashes of colour in the form of a bright throw or scatter cushions to complement or contrast a more neutral base. These can be easily and inexpensively changed to give your room a different feel in changing seasons or if you want to update your look and try something new in the future. Add extra drama and interest with complementary patterns or colours for rugs and curtains.


Hot, emotional colour associated with energy, passion and desire.

Makes a good highlight colour, can be effective for a focal point such as a chimney breast, alcove or a piece of furniture. If you paint a wall in red and it is opposite a window, the natural light will help to tone the shade down, whereas less light will help the shade appear deeper. Good to associate with white or black, or a neutralising tone of dark blue, brown or grey.


Joy, happiness, intellect and energy.

Some shades of yellow can become dull and even take on a green hue in artificial daylight. To counteract this try daylight bulbs or use yellow for a room which will be used mainly during the day.


Has a calming effect and is refreshing but take care as a room can become cold and depressing.

Working with white it becomes ideal with seaside and coastal themes. Choose your shade carefully though, blue suppresses bright and warm colours such as red and yellow. So be careful about using it in kitchens without a good supply of light as it can affect the way raw ingredients and cooked dishes appear.


Symbolises nature, freshness, harmony and growth.

Lime green is a bright zesty colour, and eye catching background to black and chrome. Dark green can be used to dramatic effect in a candlelit dining room or other rooms mostly used in the evenings. In a bathroom it can give a feeling of enthusiasm and brightness at the start of the day.


Light purple is associated with romance and nostalgia.

Dark purple has royal connotations of wealth and solidarity. Purple and black is strong and striking with chrome, ideal for Art Deco themes. Light purple partners with dark woods such as Wenge and Dark Mahogany and Dark Oak. If a room looks to mellow and moody you can brighten with an injection of yellow.

Blending contemporary and classic styles

Few people would care to live in a property that's a museum-like representation of a single design style. What makes a home a home is when a living space reflects the many sides of someone's personal experiences, loves and tastes. So don't be afraid to let your rooms reflect this and create your own individual style. Remember less is more, avoid clutter. Adding a storage stool can hold books, TV journals, DVD's, TV remotes and throws.

Classic elegance never looks out of place, so you can safely mix timeless style with more contemporary living room furniture and know that they will work together. Alternatively, one of our more modern sofas could work well in a living room populated with more aged items. Antique mirrors can look stunning in a minimal setting. Glass accessories and furniture always enhance a room and sleek modern designs are a fantastic way to give a contemporary blend to traditional rooms.

Creating the illusion of space

A small room needn't stop you creating a bright and airy space to relax in. There are simple interior design 'tricks' that you can use to create the impression of extra space and light.

A light and bright colour scheme can really open up a room. If white is too much for you, go warmer with creams, or other pastels. These will all act to bounce light around the space. Cleverly placed mirrors are doubly useful. Not only do they reflect huge amounts of light, they can appear to push the walls out on which they are hanging. Glass tables create that transparent look which looks fab.

The impression of extra height in the room can be created by keeping the ceiling very plain and very white. Low upholstery can also enhance space. Try a Cuddler Chair (oversized chair) instead of a sofa, very cozy and compact. Vertical striped wallpaper can also draw the eye upwards and away from the walls, whilst horizontal stripes will have the opposite effect.